Jan Schering

My name is Jan Schering and I have been the BJJ teacher at Radbudo since the start of 2024. I moved to Nijmegen from Germany in 2021 to pursue a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence, which I have recently finished. Now, my main occupation is as a doctoral candidate in Bioinformatics.

I am currently a Brown Belt in BJJ and have been training for around 10 years. In this time, I had the opportunity to train with and learn from many world-class practitioners and high-level coaches and test myself in many competitions across Europe.

However, from early on my main motivation in the sport has come from sharing the sport with others. I love teaching, sharing the knowledge and techniques I have refined throughout the years with others and seeing them having success with it.

-Imagine you have a toy that you love and more than anything, you want to share it with others and show them what makes it exciting- Marcelo Garcia

I hope to not only see experienced grapplers but also people without prior experience step onto our mats and be able to try out the sport. That’s why I am especially passionate on creating a safe and open environment in which everyone can train and learn together.