Photo: Bo Leensen

Radbudo is affiliated with Radboud Sport and Culture. Therefore, to train with Radbudo, you must have an RSC subscription. At the RSC, three types of training are available in Radbudo sports: courses, association training and ticket hours.


To participate in a course at the RSC, it is not necessary to be a member of Radbudo. However, you do need to register each period (every 8 weeks) via the RSC app. Most course hours are geared toward beginners, although advanced participants are also welcome.

Association training

Association training sessions are basically exclusively for members of Radbudo. Therefore, to participate in these trainings, you must be a member of our association. Registration via the RSC app is not necessary. Most association trainings are aimed at advanced participants, although beginners are also welcome.

Ticket hours

Ticket hours are trainings for which you have to register in advance with a ticket. These workouts are usually designed to supplement the regular program and are not available for all sports.

Trial training

You can always attend a trial training at one of the sports affiliated with Radbudo. Please fill in this form to do so.